AET translates all your ideas

Thanks to its engineering skills, its leadership in component distribution and its testing laboratory, AET brings a step-by-step life to the product you have imagined. We put this know-how at the service of start-ups as well as large companies worldwide. Our culture of innovation, the responsiveness and the flexibility of our team on a human scale are all assets to serve your projects. Realize your ideas, our profession.


Innovation & Development

And your ideas come to life

AET offers innovative solutions for development, industrialization and production. We evaluate the feasibility of your project and we commit ourselves to the costs, the deadlines and the quality of the service. In your creative process, AET is a unique and privileged partner, mobilizing its intellectual resources and technological skills for your success.



We choose the best for you.

Since 2001, AET has become a world leader in the distribution of key components for household electrical appliances and hydraulic systems of equipment manufacturers in the domestic appliance industry. With more than 15 years experience in hydraulic control applications, we focus on providing our customers with an efficient, competitive and expert solution for their device development.



Our test center will accompany you .

More than just a laboratory, the AET test center is a real tool for understanding, mastering, improving and homologating. With more than 25 years of experience, our team of technicians and test engineers comes from the most specialized industrial sectors and has a strong product culture. Our fleet of 650 multi-purpose testing facilities and our recognition by the CB Scheme enable us to intervene in a large number of sectors of activity and throughout the life cycle of your projects. The responsiveness and flexibility of our organization allows us to propose tailor-made solutions, ranging from the creation of protocols to the realization of specific test facilities.



Our experts support you

With 25 years of experience, AET's network of experts helps you to ensure regulatory compliance for your products for rapid, efficient and peaceful marketing. Our participation in the AFNOR Technical Committees, our partnerships with major players in the Testing, Inspection and Certification field, allow us to offer you a complete and quality service. We also provide assistance throughout the life cycle of your products: Risk analysis, Counter-expertise (litigation market control authorities ...), Inspection, After-sales analysis...
Finally, our experts are at your service to provide you with quality and tailor-made training in various fields.

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