Project Management

AET manages your project from design to industrialization.
We plan, we anticipate, we assess for you the risks.
You also benefit from our recommendations and technical advices.


  • Our team has a strong experience in electrical household projects, sourcing and international studies. We guarantee the smooth running of your project from its conception to its industrialization.

Managing your project

  • Definition & organization of the different project stages of the project
  • Resource Management, Planning and Budget
  • Decision arbitration to ensure optimal quality at the right cost
  • Assessment and anticipation of potential risks
  • Analysis, expertise, technical & industrial advice.
  • Management of the process to guarantee the objectives costs, deadlines, quality
  • Strong project management experience, sourcing, international study.
  • Synthetic and regular reporting for complete transparency for the customer .

Our Approach

  • Analysis of customer and project needs and requests.
  • Drafting of specifications.
  • Definitions of deliverables.
  • Budget evaluation.
  • Planning of the different stages.
  • Choice and technical advice.
  • Functional analysis of the product.
Gestion de projets


  • Ensure regular monitoring of project activities.
  • Guaranteeing the smooth running of the project from conception to industrialization.
  • Meeting customer needs.
  • Structuring the different steps to ensure quality.


  • Technical specifications creation
  • Resources planning.
  • FMEA Product / Process
  • Synthesis & Reporting on the project progress.
  • Budget management
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