Project Management

AET manages your project from design to industrialization.
We plan, we anticipate, we assess for you the risks.
You also benefit from our recommendations and technical advices.

AET Strengths

  • Our team has a strong experience in electrical household projects, sourcing and international studies. We guarantee the smooth running of your project from its conception to its industrialization.

Managing your project

  • Definition & organization of the different project stages of the project
  • Resource Management, Planning and Budget
  • Decision arbitration to ensure optimal quality at the right cost
  • Assessment and anticipation of potential risks
  • Analysis, expertise, technical & industrial advice.
  • Management of the process to guarantee the objectives costs, deadlines, quality
  • Strong project management experience, sourcing, international study.
  • Synthetic and regular reporting for complete transparency for the customer .

Our Approach

  • Analysis of customer and project needs and requests.
  • Drafting of specifications.
  • Definitions of deliverables.
  • Budget evaluation.
  • Planning of the different stages.
  • Choice and technical advice.
  • Functional analysis of the product.
Gestion de projets


  • Ensure regular monitoring of project activities.
  • Guaranteeing the smooth running of the project from conception to industrialization.
  • Meeting customer needs.
  • Structuring the different steps to ensure quality.


  • Technical specifications creation
  • Resources planning.
  • FMEA Product / Process
  • Synthesis & Reporting on the project progress.
  • Budget management
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