AET - Innovation & développement

Innovation & Development

And your ideas come to life .

Our culture of innovation, the flexibility and responsiveness of our team, on a human scale, are all assets that we serve to the big companies and start-ups around the world. In your creative process, AET is a unique and privileged partner, which mobilizes its intellectual resources and technological skills for the success of your projects.

Product Design & Creativity

Our team is specialized in industrial design (household appliances, automotive, green technologies, medical, …). With its curiosity and innate inventiveness, it designs innovative and evolutive solutions adapted to each project. Trusting AET also means benefiting from a strengthened approach to intellectual and artistic property.

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CAD & 3D Design

AET studies and develops for you the mechanical and technological solutions.
They will give birth to a hyper-intuitive and easy to use industrializable product.
For each project, our design team remains attentive to the optimization of the number of parts, the tools used or the assembly packaging process in order to guarantee you the control of the costs of development.
Our expertise in sheet metal, plastics, kinematics or ergonomics secures the industrialization of your product.

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AET is able to quickly prototype a complete functional product, in materials with characteristics close to the final materials. Our team tests, analyzes and improves it if necessary. This key step allows to validate the initial technical assumptions, according to your needs, before the industrialization and the tools manufacturing launch.

Engineering support

Electronic Design

From the electronic  Hardware and Software specification to the production of the documents set for mass production, the AET design office conducts all the electronic studies necessary for the development of your product. It ensures the perfect matching of the electronics with the expected functionalities in real conditions of use.


Project management

Our expertise in project management and industrialization allows us to manage all or part of your project. From your idea to the development and up to the manufacturing of the product, the continuity of the industrial process, the delays and the deliverables will be guaranteed thanks to our quality of piloting.

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Etude électronique

Engineering support

AET ensure a follow up of the citric phases of your project by ensuring the management of the product industrialization.


Sourcing & Manufacturing


The trust established between AET and its industrial assembler partners, selected for their consistency in Europe and Asia, ensures our customers an exceptional competitiveness and guarantees a level of confidentiality without fault. From the assembly of technical subassemblies to complete products, AET and its network will offer you an industrial solution that is technically and economically relevant.

Selection / Sourcing
AET relies on a network of world-renowned manufacturers. It allows you to benefit of an expertise and a support in the choice, the qualification and the validation of high-end components, to meet the requirements of your project. We optimize your technological choices by developing a technical basis and offer innovative solutions that perfectly meet the functional needs of your idea. AET always looks for the best components available on the market to meet your expectations and guarantee the quality level you are looking for.