Product Design & Creativity

Specialized in industrial design (automotive, electrical appliances, green technologies, etc.), our team designs innovative and scalable solutions adapted to your projects.

You benefit from a strengthened approach in intellectual and artistic property.

AET proposes a design management adapted to your studies of product, in agreement with your marketing and development team.

AET Strengths

  • We offer an approach that is both flexible and complete, according to your needs. We engage a user and customer oriented approach by appropriating and understanding the universe concerned by your product.


  • Development of a design specification
  • Competitive analysis
  • Trend analysis of the universe
  • Analysis of stylistic trends
  • Analysis of user behavior
  • Possible levels of innovation
  • Functional Specifications
  • Definition of product architectures in terms of use and ergonomics


  • Animation of creativity sessions
  • Defining product architectures in terms of use and ergonomics
  • Argument and compare in semantic and visual form
  • Suggest universes adapted to the product
  • Presenting Innovations
  • Propose relevant Human Machine Interfaces
  • Formalize concepts by proposing appropriate materials, colors and graphics
  • Validation grids (advantages, disadvantages)


  • Integration of technical and industrial constraints
  • Integration and application of functional and corporate graphic charters.  
  • Study and cost control
  • Respect for Intellectual & Artistic Property Law
  • High Definition Rendering
  • Realization and presentation of hyper realistic aesthetic models