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Notre centre d'essais vous accompagne

Qu’il s’agisse d’évaluer la sécurité, la performance ou l’expérience utilisateur, notre laboratoire est capable de tester une large gamme de produits. AET vous accompagne ainsi dans l’optimisation de la fabrication et vous assure une mise sur le marché rapidement et au juste coût.
Notre centre d’essais, qui dispose d’une accréditation ISO 17025 (IECEE), est aussi habilité à réaliser les pré-qualifications avant certification.

mesures laboratoire

General Testing

More than just a laboratory, the AET test center is a real tool for understanding, mastering, improving and homologating.
Whether it is assessing safety, performance, user experience or qualifying materials and products, our laboratory is able to test a wide range of products thanks to its numerous measurement methods.

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Electric Safety & EMC

The AET laboratory team has over 25 years experience in the qualification of electrical products. From the best industries in the field (aeronautics, nuclear, appliances, automotive, etc.), its technicians have a 600 m² laboratory and 600 measuring instruments. They provide you with the normative tests and ensure that your products and the on-board electronics are brought into conformity before they are placed on the market for fast and efficient certification.

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Essais consommateurs, comparaison produit, benchmark, FFU,

Consumers Tests Laboratory & Fitness For Use (FFU)

Our Fitness For Use (FFU) team provides technology watch and performs comparative studies "benchmark" as well as performance testing. It accompanies your services (R & D or purchasing) in order to identify with them the improvements to be made to your products to distinguish you from your competition.
Our testing laboratory also ensures that the functionalities and consumer approach meet the customer's promise.

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Endurance and accelerated aging tests

Endurance tests are key elements of the product validation and quality control program.
AET implements life tests with manual, semi-automatic and fully robotic processes for compenents subassemblies or finished products.

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