Endurance and accelerated aging tests

Thanks to its expertise and its endurance pole equipped with the latest technologies. AET offers a complete range of means of endurance testing and characterization in real environement.

We perform the protocols, the preliminary and intermediate verifications and the defect analyzes. We also propose improvements to make reliable products.

The + AET

  • A robotic test bench, ultra modulable, able to apprehend in a versatile way and with controlled budgets of life tests on any type of product or component. Forerunner in the fiels, AET guarantees a reproductibility and a perfect precision.
  • A dedicated team and expertise in the treatment of your needs and custom protocol writing through our design and prototyping office to offer tailor-made and optimized solutions.

Main skills

  • A tailor-made protocol adapted to your needs
  • The study of accelerated aging of the whole or subset of finished products or under design
  • An automated test bench adaptable to any domestic electrical appliance
  • A logic cycle combining mechanical control and data acquisition (temperature, pressure, voltage, force, etc...)  
  • Cyclical monitoring of the evolution of the state of the products, as well as an analysis of aging and possible failure modes
  • Periodic performance checks
  • A concrete proposal for technical improvement

Specific skills

  • Simulation from an identical use to that of the consumer
  • Expertise electronics for system development
  • Manipulation of products with complex automatic man-machine interface
  • Analyse detailed deficiencies identified